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ZL 1000

ZL 1000 Slider
ZL 1000 SliderZL 1000 SliderZL 1000 SliderZL 1000 SliderZL 1000 Slider
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Zolinger ZL 1000 Slider




Versatile. Simple. Compact.

The ZL 1000 is the most compact slider of it’s class.

ZL 1000 Slider

The Zolinger ZL1000 is a precise roller bearing camera slider with center- and end mounting capabilities. Each set includes a Zolinger ball head and quality padded carrying case.

Featuring a dual carbon-fiber track length of 100cm (40”), the ZL1000 is the ideal on-the-go production tool. Ultra lightweight design 1,3kg (2,5lb) in a compact carrying package.

The 8 layer reinforced carbon fiber tracks feature a 19mm diameter and a load capacity of over 10kg (22lb).  The aviation grade carbon fiber reduces flexing and increases load capacity significantly.

The wheels of the slider can be adjusted to control the friction and thereby achieve more accurate and stable tracking shots.



  • 100cm (40”) carbon fiber track system
  • Includes Zolinger Ball head
  • Center and End mounting
  • 6 interlocking wheels for friction control
  • Slider weight 1,5kg (3,3lb)
  • Load capacity 10kg (22lb)
  • A total of 16 threaded holes for mounting/accessories
  • 4 adjustable feet with 48 steel tooth tightening system
  • Horizontal and vertical shooting
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Large camera sled
  • Padded carrying case included


SLIDER BASICSLEARN: The ZL 1000 Slider basics.


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Warranty: 12 Months

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Weight 6 kg

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