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ZP 1800

ZP 1800 Travel Jib
ZP 1800 Travel JibZP 1800 Travel JibZP 1800 Travel JibZP 1800 Travel JibZP 1800 Travel Jib
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Zolinger ZP 1800 Travel Jib



With hundreds of pieces sold, the 3rd generation of the Zolinger Travel Jib has more than established itself on the market as one of the most versatile and innovative camera cranes. It is widely used by professionals who require a flexible and compact camera crane.

The patented folding system of the ZP 1800 makes assembly fast and easy with just three simple steps. No tools required.

The innovative design allows for a carrying size of only 80cm.

ZP 1800 Travel Jib


With a total length of 2,7m the ZP 1800 more than triples its size. The reach is variable from 120cm – 170cm. Combined with the Zolinger Tripod, the Travel Jib can reach heights of around 3,5m.

The ZP 1800 has the ability to lock the camera and follow the subject, or stay horizontal. it consists of reinforced aerial grade aluminum. At under 6kg, the travel jib is one of the lightest professional camera cranes on the market. The load capacity is a staggering 10kg.

The Zolinger  ZP 1800 Travel Jib is designed to be used as carry on luggage on most major airlines.

Each Travel Jib comes with a free weight-bag which can be filled with water bottles or sand on location. No more carrying heavy counterweights to hard to reach locations. The Travel jib is shipped fully assembled in a padded carrying case.




  • Carrying size: 85cm / 33”
  • Total length: 270cm / 9ft
  • Cameras up to 10kg/22lbs
  • Weight of Jib: 7kg / 16lb
  • Mounts to any tripod with 75 and 100mm bowl.
  • Tool-free and fast installation
  • Attach any 65/75 and 100mm fluid head
  • Ultra compact and lightweight design



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Warranty: 12 Months

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Weight 7 kg

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